My Product Passion

I have worked with online or mobile apps for over 20 years. I worked internationally as an expert on mobile applications and advergaming for companies such as Macromedia, Microsoft, Symbian, Kellogg's, LEGO, Mars and Nestle. By working with consumers, software developers and large brands, I have built an insight that enables me to understand the needs, wants and benefits for all 3 groups.

I have built software teams and lead building products for Fortune 500 companies and have been an executive and founder for multiple startups. My passion is building teams that love what they are doing and products consumers love using.

Now I lead a team around a product called SEEiT at Comcast Innovation Center Silicon Valley. Traditional television and interactive entertainment industries are increasingly converging, thereby creating a huge, billion dollar opportunity.

The purpose with SEEiT is to help consumers get increased value from their pay TV subscriptions. The SEEiT service and software makes it easy for users to find the TV shows and movies they like and never miss an opportunity to watch them anywhere and on any device.

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