Over the last couple of years I have a lot of fun kayaking now and then with my family. One of these trips went to Half Moon Bay where I was able to get close to both seals and pelicans, because they where less afraid of us in a kayak than on foot.

I thought kayaking could be a great way to combine my passion for photographing animals, kayaking with my family and fitness that doesn't feel like fitness.

For the last 4 months I have been researching what kayak to get. I wanted to ensure that we could be spontaneous about going on the water with it and that quickly lead me to consider inflatable kayaks. Now you may be thinking pool toys, but let me assure you that inflatable kayaks have come a long way since I was a kid.

A bonus benefit of inflatable kayaks is that they are considered the most stable kayaks for photography. That said before buying one I wanted to make sure that it would not be so stable it would be slow and cumbersome to paddle or steer.

After some research I came across the brand Sea Eagle. About 5 years ago Sea Eagles founder invented a new inflatable kayak called FastTrack. Its unique design incorporates a rigid, inflatable keel in the bow of the boat and a large removable skeg in the stern. These features combine to limit the sideways motion and allows the kayak to go faster and straighter. We ended up buying the FastTrack 465ft, a 15' kayak that allows plenty of room for two tall people and both photo and camping equipment.

As the weather heats up we will be out on the water and in some quiet cove, I am sure wildlife is waiting to share a few moments with us. As this happens, I will share the photos here :-)